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" Great things never came from comfort zones."   
Neil Strauss

The WCCC strives to broaden its impact through every aspect of the community.  It brings community members together to create change and positive outcomes.  Learn more how the WCCC is creating impactful change in our community and our schools.

Our impact in the spotlight


Community Impact

School impact 

Better Together

Join us for a morning centered on mental wellness with one of our WCCC members, Kerri.


Providing security for local festivals including Waunafest, Wauktoberfest, and Waunaboom.

Waunafest 1

Providing training and resources for organizers of local festivals.


Small Talks Campaign - Encouraging parents to talk to their children about alcohol.

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National Drug Take Back Day in collaboration with the Waunakee Police Department.

NDTBD Fall 2019-2

National Night Out - Supporting Youth

Students Taking Exams

Administering the Youth Risk Behavior Survey to learn more about the challenges facing our youth.


FLYY Leadership Training for the Above the Influence Organization.


Facilitating focus groups with our youth to learn more about the challenges facing them and the support they need.


Youth representation on our WCCC Board.

Group Picture

Beginning our work to create a Youth Coalition in our school.

NDTBD Fall 2019-2

National Night Out - Supporting Youth

Our impact on the web

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